About us
Dear Prospective Partners,
The PD-Coff Ltd. has been operating for several yearos in Hungary. Ouar haead office is in Debrecen. It's owned 100% by Hungarians. We were among the first to use the monitoring that meets the modern hygienic practices (GHP) and the measured results fit Intergarted Pest Management (IPM) and IPC (Integrated Pest Control) that is the key pest exemption. Our main profile is the elimination of rats and flies on dairy farms.

The function of IPM
The function of the system we use is to prevent the development of pest populations and besides keep an efficient level regarding the extent of use of insecticides and pesticides and other interventions.

The purpose of IPM
Meet and apply the biological, mechanical, physical or other, less risky strategies to minimize the use of insecticides and pesticides and thus reduce the health and environmental impact. Selectivity is important to reduce the rate of imbalance and to ensure safe use where it's necessary to use insecticides and pesticides.

Our IPM system
1. Personal area survey

2. Creation of monitoring system, installation - documentation preparation. Proprietary filing system, which is capable of determining the exact amount and pest incidence. From these data we obtain information about the life cycle and presence pof rodents and insects with the help of charts and diagrams.

3. Based on the data analysis evaluation and preparation of corresponding action plan.

4. We believe training is important. With the help of our teaching materials based on our own experience (pests appearance, way of life, their occurrence etc.) we do training for our customers if they wish. We determine the action levels against pests together, based on the degree of risk of infection.

5. We monitor the domestic and international trade press and the latest developments, participate in exhibitions and if the research results are a cause for optimism we use them in our practice, assess their effectiveness and the consequences of their use for pest management and the wider environment.

6. We maintain a record of the pesticides used and we only work with officially licensed products for which the safety data sheets are available to download via our website.

7. We keep the regulations in force, published by OEK (National Centre for Epidemiology).

8. Our skilled employees are members of the Hungarian Medical Chamber of Professionals (MESZK).

9. We place great emphasis on continuous training of our employees, continuous improvement of our implements and the introduction of new, environmentally friendly technologies to work with the best service available today.

Our activities:
- monitoring and control in the framework of protection against pests
- mice and rats - cockroaches
- ants
- mosquito control
- flies
- bed bugs
- wasps
- indianmeal moth
- protection against birds
- disinfection, bulky
- spraying of alleys and parks, tree trimming, sproud and weed control in the field of plant protection
- protection of orchards, vineyards and sowings against crows, starlings and rabbits